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MP Auto Industries has developed and manufactured engine valves and valve train components for almost every size and type of internal combustion engine.

Today MP Auto Industries is a full service supplier including design, simulation and testing and a leading supplier of original engine components to all major engine manufacturers worldwide.
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In order to improve the capability and skills of our employees, we provide them with various specialized training. Our team is also encouraged to learn newer techniques and methodologies that come up in the market, which helps us improvise our product features and expand our product-line.
We have recruited talented and experienced professionals to manufacture a fine range of products that are of superior quality. These employees are highly qualified and knowledgeable in the automobile industry. We have accomplished various complex orders due to their diligence and hard work.
We have a modern manufacturing unit, which is equipped with good machinery and latest tools & technology. Our strong team of professionals has in-depth experience and good qualifications. They are assigned to various tasks depending upon their skills and capabilities.